As digital content strategies shift, so must the ways that we record and analyze readership. If you haven’t noticed already, Flip Page has introduced a new section of reports in the Thermostats analytics called “Active Users.”

Who are "Active Users"?

Active users are every reader that views content on the Flip Page platform, whether through the traditional replica view or Lily article view. Active User reports are located in the Active User tab of Thermostats.

Why add this data?

Since we have updated our mobile content strategy to include LiLy based articles it is entirely possible that your audience may never actually visit a 'replica page'. Instead, mobile readers may stay entirely in the Lily view of article content - now consuming responsive and free-flowing articles rather than pages. As a result we have added Active User data.

Does this affect me?

For clients who are publishing articled content using the Lily enhanced articles 'Active Users' should become your new primary report for measuring the size of your digital edition audience. For clients who are not using enhanced articles this data does not apply.

Have a question? Contact your account representative for more details!