Welcome to Flip Page Publishing's E-Newsletter 'Flip it'.

Digital and mobile technologies are pushing the envelope for reader engagement and consumption. A number of our periodical clients lean on us for advice with regards to their digital and/or mobile strategy. One of the most common questions we are asked, because the Jones’ are doing it, is ‘How do I get my publication into Newsstand?’ Continue here.

New Feature 'Zuul' - Learn how we help erect a virtual gate around your Flip Page content.


Welcome to Flip Page Publishing's E-Newsletter 'Flip it'.

New Year, New Features, New News.

New Feature 'Synapse' - Have you ever spent a substantial amount of time trying to remember which password you used for which service? This feature will remedy that issue. Visit the current issue of Flip it! here.


Welcome to Flip Page Publishing's E-Newsletter 'Flip it'.

More features, an announcement and a Q&A with a client highlight this issue of Flip it!

New Feature 'Scrolls' available in HTML5 viewer - We introduced 'Scrolls' in our last update. It is now available in both Flash and HTML5 viewers! Want to see it in action? Visit page two of the current edition of Flip it!


Welcome to Flip Page Publishing's E-Newsletter 'Flip it'.

We mentioned that we were getting a facelift. But really we should have said 'facelifts'. We are making improvements to all of our user interfaces as well as our own web space. We also made sure to add a new feature and upgrade to our digital edition solution as well. You can find out more by clicking on the Flip it! cover thumbnail or click here.


'Tis the season for giving and sharing. And our Little Elves wanted to give the gift of sharing this year as well. So, they did.

New Feature 'Mobile Share' - The new HTML5 viewer for mobile and desktop has been upgraded with a share tool. The share icon is displayed prominently in the toolbar overlay and provides the ability for readers to push each Flip Page publication to Facebook friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn colleagues, Pinterest pals and more. Ever wondered what it looks like when someone shares a Flip Page publication to social media. Find out here.


Have you ever wondered how our publications look on the iPad but you don't have an iPad? We emulate the experience in this month's news. Click here to view!

Since we are on the topic of iPads...let's look at a couple of new tools available for our HTML5 desktop/mobile viewer.

New Feature 'Visual Checklist' - As you are aware we provide a unique tool called 'Rollovers' which offer added functionality for retail publications such as catalogs and flyers. One capability of rollovers is to create a 'virtual list' of items within the catalog or flyer. Well, we have added another unique feature to the HTML5 viewer that makes them even better. Learn about it here.

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