Digital magazines, journals, periodicals and newspapers are easily accessed by a reader wherever they go. Never lost, wet, torn, blown away or undelivered. With digital native tools that make reading easy on any size device. Turn-key solution for subscriptions, registrations, or authorization.




The least read article is the article that is most difficult to read. Offer legibility on mobile and desktop.

No zoom. No page scrolling. Just a clear, intuituve representation of the text as it is intended. With optional enhancements.

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Not everything produced for consumption on the web is freely available.

Want to gather some demographics before permitting access? Offer a registration. Need to prevent unauthorized distribution? Apply a login requirement. Looking to generate revenue? Implement a turn-key subscription offering.

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Interstitials. Banners. Enhanced Ads. Ticker. Advertiser links.

Multiple opportunities to generate new advertising revenue outside of traditional 'in page' ads. 

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WCAG 2.0 Compliant

Serve the digital product to visually and cognitively impaired readers using our HTML5 viewer which has been certified as WCAG 2.0 compliant*.

*requires enhanced articles. 

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Go beyond text. Appeal to more senses - accompany the written words with video or audio. Offer a gallery of images to complement the limited page imagery.

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Hyperlinks can drive readers to supporting materials, additional sources or advertisers websites.

A lightbox hyperlink allows readers to access outside websites while remaining within the walled garden of the magazine.

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Simple share tools allow your audience to reach an entirely new audience.

The most impactful and desirable outcome of a successful campaign is peer sharing. A social share not only denotes the 'sharer' as an advocate for that brand but it also serves as a trusted source which is more likely to persuade further engagement.

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Deliver content directly & seamlessly to your mobile readers

Apps are an easy, brandable location for delivering digital content straight to your readers - free of clutter and distractions.

Our turn-key Apps are available to any Apple, Android or Kindle device. Push notifications can be sent to readers the moment new content is available.


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Deliver content directly & seamlessly to all readers

Mobile growth is staggering but can we assume that we reach our entire audience via mobile? An outgoing email to an audited list ensures that mobile and non-mobile readers are receiving the message.

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A personal connection with a loyal recipient

We are inundated with marketing messages. An outbound text message offers the benefit of instant delivery with increased response. Text delivery offers the best open rates for digital communication.

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Discover how readers interact with your content

Flip Page analytics tools compile data for making important marketing decisions. Find the answers to these questions :

  • How much time do my readers spend on my circular?
  • How much time on particular pages?
  • How many are new vs. returning readers?
  • How much attention do they give to my interactive features?
  • How many impressions are my advertisers getting?
  • What is the CTR or conversion rate for my advertisers?
  • Where are my readers located, geographically?
  • How do readers find us?

and more!

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