Digital ENHANCEMENT, delivery & analysis

Digital reproduction of a circular or catalogue is just the beginning. Enhancements such as sharing, links, rollovers, shoppings lists, and rich media create an immersive consumer experience. Delivery options such as Native Apps, Email Campaigns and Outbound Text Messaging help reach consumers. Analytics completes the loop. 



Reach an entirely new audience.

The most impactful and desirable outcome of a successful campaign is peer sharing. A social share not only denotes the 'sharer' as an advocate for that brand but it also serves as a trusted source which is more likely to persuade further engagement.

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A hyperlink is the perfect solution to seamlessly navigate a consumer elsewhere.

'Links' in a catalogue or circular can drive readers to more information on the main website or may serve as the launch point to an e-commerce page where the consumer can make a purchase. 

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Space restricted by layout? Rollovers offer the perfect opportunity to add missing or additional detail. View other products on the page within the rollover interface.

Add a call to action to inspire consumer behaviour.

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Consumers can quickly progress from decision-making to purchase by adding items to a shopping list. Shopping lists can be exported for later usage ie. a visit to a brick and mortar location. With further integration items can be migrated from the shopping list directly to a shopping cart on the client site.

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Commercials, product demonstrations, customer reviews, and image galleries are just a few of the options available to enlighten consumers about the products available within a catalogue or circular. 

Additional content allows the consumer to gather more information on the path to purchase.

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Simple processes that eliminate resources.

Program the activation and de-activation of a digital circular to meet the sale dates of the print version.

Apply a unique URL which will automatically update whenever a new catalogue or circular is released.

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What products receive the most clicks? What cities are being reached? Which pages are viewed the most/least? How many visitors are returnees? What items were searched?

Analytical data pulled from the digital product allows marketers to make informed decisions about the paper product.

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Deliver content directly & seamlessly to your mobile readers

Apps are an easy, brandable location for delivering digital content straight to your readers - free of clutter and distractions.

Our turn-key Apps are available to any Apple, Android or Kindle device. Push notifications can be sent to readers the moment new content is available.

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Deliver content directly & seamlessly to all readers

Mobile growth is staggering but can we assume that we reach our entire audience via mobile? An outgoing email to an audited list ensures that mobile and non-mobile readers are receiving the message.

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A personal connection with a loyal recipient

We are inundated with marketing messages. An outbound text message offers the benefit of instant delivery with increased response. Text delivery offers the best open rates for digital communication.

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