Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you work with re-sellers?

A: Absolutely.  In fact, we offer an entirely white-labelled or unbranded solution for parties interested in offering our solution to clients.


Q: What kind of multi-media can I use with Flip Page?

A: There's so much to choose from!  With Flip Page, you can use media such as TV and radio ads, product videos, podcasts, speeches, messages, songs, music, soundtracks, photos, image galleries and sound bites to create an immersive multimedia experience.  


Q: What other wonderful features do you offer, to help with my business and marketing?

A: Glad you asked - we have a lot!  Flip Page Publishing’s unique software can be a means for creating subscriptions, processing payments, and managing subscriptions and subscribers all with just clicks of a button.  We also offer a number of other digital rights management tools which allow you to limit, prevent or require authorization before a reader is able to access a digital edition. Want to provide a brief preview of the content before asking for a prospective reader to subscribe? We can handle that too.


Q: What format do my files need to be in, to convert to Flip Page?

A:  Easy!  Here's an quick check-list.  Your files must:

  • PDF file 
  • Have RGB colour schemes for optimum colour (CMYK works but some colours may appear washed out)
  • Have a minimum DPI of 200 for best quality output
  • Contain an equal/even number of pages (even if the last one is blank)
  • Have embedded fonts.  Note: underlining or false italics are typically not "embedded" fonts
  • Have eliminated any bleeds, gutters, or crop marks (you can use the crop box function in PDF)

Specialty pages & sizes are also supported – let's talk if you have questions about these.


Q: Do I/my customers need to have anything installed on a computer or mobile device, to view a Flip Page edition?

A: Nope!  Flip Page publications can be exported as Flash, HTML or HTML5 applications or a combination of.  So as long as the reader has a recent or upgraded web browser with connectivity nothing else is required. 


Q: So what do other companies normally use Flip Page for?

A: Well, any print media can be converted to a digital publication to reach a greater audience.  Our most popular uses include: flyers, brochures, directories, catalogues, campus guides, magazines, newspapers, books, novels, leisure guides, annual reports, course calendars, event programs... and even menus!


Q: Anything else I should know?

A: Yes - at Flip Page, we make it as simple as it gets to add digital publishing to your marketing strategy.  You can always reach a human at the end of the phone and our service is second-to-none, From start to finish the process is straight-forward.  And, if you would like your entire staff to learn how to use it, just let us know - we'll happily arrange training so everyone is on the same page (no pun intended!).


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