"So, what does this service cost?"

We love talking numbers!  Tell us what you're looking for and we'll get a quote in your hands.

  • Do you want an exact replica of your printed content or does it need modifications for the digital edition?
  • Do you have 10 years of archived content you would like to make available?
  • Would you like to add more photos or videos?
  • Would you like to survey your readers on a particular topic?
  • Would you like readers to complete a subscription form before accessing your material?
  • Do you want to charge a fee for readers to access your material?
  • Do you need an email campaign to create awareness of your digital materials?
  • Want us to help grow circulation numbers via social media or digital ads?
  • Would you like to do everything yourself or would you like to delegate some/all of the process to us?
  • When do you want to have the digital conversion complete?
  • Would you like an offline version for physical distribution?
  • Want us to load the offline version to a custom branded USB drive?
  • Do you want an App submitted to Newsstand? or to the App store?
  • Do you want us to build you a totally customized solution from the ground up?
  • Does your catalogue or flyer require product links to your online storefront or product rollovers?
  • What about versioning? Does your publication serve a number of markets and require market-specific versions?

Share your answers below and we'll get right to work creating your quote.  

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