We’re Moving On Up! (like George and Weezie)

We have recently began the process of moving our entire platform to the cloud. We have long been hosting our Digital Edition solution in the cloud but are now migrating the rest of our platform as well.

"a better user experience for our clients and their readers".

We have partnered with Amazon Web Services and will be using their cloud hosting solution for our platform.

Why move to the cloud?

From an internal perspective, moving to the cloud offers a more flexible alternative to operating and maintaining our own data centers for storage. For our valued clients a move to the cloud will lower latency and increase bandwidth. In laymen terms our platform will provide a better user experience for our clients and their readers.

What do I have to do?

For the great majority of our clients nothing will need to be done on your end. The benefits of moving to the cloud will be felt without any disruption to your business.

A complete migration to the cloud!

A complete migration to the cloud!

For our client’s who have taken advantage of domain masking a slight change is in order to prevent potential issues. In the past, when using our own servers, our masked domain process requested that our clients create an ‘A record’ and point it to our IP address. However, with a move to the cloud we no longer have control over the IP address range as it is administered by Amazon.

As a result we are asking our clients to create a ‘C Name’ entry and point it to our domain ‘mydigitalpublication.com’. More detailed instruction on the new domain masking procedure can be found in our help wiki – http://knowledgebase.screenstepslive.com/s/5659/m/16004/l/183272-mask-a-domain

By using our domain, as opposed to an IP address, we are able to ensure there are no forthcoming issues as our IP address ranges change based on the move to the cloud.



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