Canada’s leading independent health and wellness retailer. 

Canada’s leading independent health and wellness retailer. 

Health First Network ( is Canada’s leading independent health and wellness retailer. Their network consists of over 120 retail stores scattered throughout the country. Health First Network is a primary source for supplements, organics, gluten-free options, natural health and beauty aids, and more.

Health First Network offers group buying and shared marketing to their network of retail stores. As part of their collective marketing plan Health First has successfully integrated a print flyer program which promotes Health First Networks exclusive items across a variety of product categories and geographical regions.

In the fall of 2015 Health First Network embarked upon a digital flyer program to complement the success of their print flyer program. According to Health First Network's Rob Matheson -

 “In this day and age you need to be doing both.  Long gone are the days that companies can rely solely on print marketing.”

Flip Page Publishing was selected as a preferred vendor to provide digital flyer services. Not only did our platform offer an extremely customizable solution but it also offered a sliding scale of features which allowed Health First Network to begin relatively basic with a goal of expanding functionality in the future.

“The share feature and the PDF download feature were imperative in the choice to going digital”.

Our role. Flip Page Publishing’s product and services play an integral role with the HFN digital flyer project. Each month Flip Page Publishing produces approximately 90 unique dealer flyers for HFN that vary by market, product category and language. The project commences with anywhere from six to ten different flyer templates and nearly one hundred different dealer logos. The dealer logos are compiled with the appropriate template and saved as a PDF. The files are then imported into our platform for processing. Each unique flyer is then enhanced with interactive components such as links to dealer websites and email contacts. In post production Health First Network is provided with a database of URL’s for integration into dealer websites, the HFN corporate site, an email blast as well as a third-party app which aggregates retail flyers.

A mutual benefit of the digital flyer program has been freed internal resources and associated costs at Health First since a portion of the pre-digital flyer process is now handled by Flip Page. Prior to the digital flyer program Health First had been offering their dealers a downloadable PDF for online circulation. As a result Health First was excited about the broad range of data captured by a digital flyer when compared to a PDF.

“So far a lot of the membership love the program and think it really has helped to reach more people.”

The initial response from the network of retailers has been very positive as nearly 75% have continued the program after one year.

We asked Health First Network to provide a ‘grade school’ based valuation on Flip Page Publishing’s role in the digital flyer program and to offer any additional comments related to our business.

“A - Flip Page has worked with us to create the digital flyer we are all proud of.  They are always willing to help us out and give direction when we need it.”


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