Earlier this year, we discussed our reasoning for the various ‘viewers’ which we have implemented over time (read blog here). Our use of the term ‘viewer’ is intended to describe the graphical interface that is displayed when an end-user accesses one of our Flip Page publications. These include, but are not limited to, the HTML viewer, the Flash viewer and the most recent release the HTML5 viewer.

 "it has been of upmost importance for us to remain at the forefront of change".

Web technology is progressive. For this reason it has been of upmost importance for us to remain at the forefront of change. With that said, the number of devices and browsers which are fully supporting Flash-based applications is on the decline. We are all aware the Apple has remained stead-fast on it’s lack of support for Flash technology since the early days of iOS. And, more recently, browser support and adoption of Flash-based media is on the decline as well. That’s not to say that Flash isn’t available on your favourite browser – it just might require some intervention from the user – whether that involves manually turning the Flash plug-in ‘on’ or ensuring that a recent version has been installed.

It's just not Flashy anymore.

It's just not Flashy anymore.

As a response to the slowly declining support of Flash throughout the web we have updated our system to handle such Flash related issues. End users, or readers, who experience issues loading a Flash-based Flip Page viewer will automatically re-route to a compatible HTML5 version within a couple of seconds of an unsuccessful load.

"Flash technology is trending in the wrong direction".

What does this mean?

In a single sentence – it means that a technological barrier to reader engagement and usage has been removed from the equation.

What do I have to do?

Nothing. This process occurs behind the scenes and is just one of the many benefits of a platform hosted and supported by a technology company. With that in mind, Flash technology is trending in the wrong direction. It would be a good time to start transitioning readers from the Flash-based viewer to a more compatible HTML5 version.



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