Many of you have been asking about the New iPad and how Flip Page's Apps perform on this new device. You'll be happy to know that our Apps already look good on the New iPad. You may have read recently that some magazines look pixelated on the New iPad. That's because some Apps are using a JPEG designed for the exact dimensions of the iPad 2. Flip Page has been providing readers with a higher resolution JPEG all along - so right out of the box our Apps look better than they did on the iPad 2.

And yet, this is not the time to rest on our laurels!

Flip Page Announces App 3.0

App 3.0 will serve New iPad readers a crystal clear, full vector zoom pdf - without the initial JPEG, which is no longer necessary given the enhanced performance of the New iPad device. And even better, all of the archive issues will be presented in the same way - without the publisher having to do a thing.

And that is just the beginning of the enhancements we've made to the App. See below for the full announcement, as well as several resources for you in preparation of this new release.

These features are available to readers on the New iPad. Readers on earlier iPad versions will continue to receive content optimized for their device:

Crystal clear display – Your readers will flip through a full vector pdf with startlingly clear text and images. Apple calls the New iPad “Resolutionary” and this App will take full advantage of the color and clarity afforded you by this new device.

Auto update of archive issues – The App now will automatically serve up the full vector pdfs to your back issues as well. So there is no work on your end to apply these features against your older issues. Once again, we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Smaller file size –New iPad readers will appreciate that your App respects their space – storage space that is. Flip Page’s App 3.0 file sizes are actually SMALLER than earlier versions of our iPad App. For comparison, an issue that previously weighed in at 180 MB on the old App will now total about 80 MB's with version 3.0!

Faster download time – Smaller file size = Fewer megabytes to download.

Higher pixel resolution graphics – We were already planning an upgrade to our graphics and we took this opportunity to amp them up even more in App 3.0.

These features are available to all iPad devices:

Enhanced graphics – The New App has an upgraded Cover Gallery and contextual menus

Slide Shows – Slide shows setup in the digital edition now render In App as part of the base service.

Catalog rollovers – Sticky rollovers now render In App.

Download while asleep– No more waking up the iPad to “UnPause” issue downloading. Your screen may go dark but your App is continuing to work in the background delivering that new issue to the reader.

Want more information?

If you already have an App with us, you will receive a free upgrade to the new App. We just need some additional assets and information to we will be upgrading your App to this exciting new version for free.

If you have any questions with regards to the above, please contact your account representative!