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Flip Page Publishing Launches HTML5 Mobile Version 2.0

Flip Page Publishing Launches HTML5 Mobile Version 2.0

Valued Flip Page clients,Flip Page Publishing is very pleased to announce the launch of Version 2.0 of our mobile browser version. Our goal was to create a mobile viewing experience that closely resembled the desktop experience. With that in mind we have added a number of features that have helped reach this goal.

Now Serving Background
Now Serving Background

For a full listing of features please see below.

Navigation Elements

   Pinch and Reverse Pinch Zoom   URL links   Article links – display in media deck   Page-to-Page links   Search enabled – per issue and publication   Archive issues (if allowed by publisher)   Orientation handling for mobile devices   Spread or Single Page Viewing   Left/Right navigation buttons for non-touch devices   Slide transition   Scrubber – visual page scroll and selection


   Embedded Video   Popup Video   Autoplay Video   Audio   Slideshows

Smart App Banner – reader notification that a Native App exists for that publication (iOS devices only)

Retail (Catalogs and Circulars) features – Rollovers

Supported customization

   Custom/masked publication domain names   Background color and text color of these areas can be customized:   Toolbar   Search Panel   Table of Contents   Toolbar can be completely customized with HTML coding


Thermostats integration *The upgrade to our mobile viewer will instantly be applied to all publications (past/present/future) with no additional requirements from our clients!

 Contact your account representative with any questions you may have related to our new mobile version!