Valued Flip Page clients,Flip Page Publishing is very pleased to announce the launch of Version 2.0 of our mobile browser version. Our goal was to create a mobile viewing experience that closely resembled the desktop experience. With that in mind we have added a number of features that have helped reach this goal.

Now Serving Background
Now Serving Background

For a full listing of features please see below.

Navigation Elements

   Pinch and Reverse Pinch Zoom   URL links   Article links – display in media deck   Page-to-Page links   Search enabled – per issue and publication   Archive issues (if allowed by publisher)   Orientation handling for mobile devices   Spread or Single Page Viewing   Left/Right navigation buttons for non-touch devices   Slide transition   Scrubber – visual page scroll and selection


   Embedded Video   Popup Video   Autoplay Video   Audio   Slideshows

Smart App Banner – reader notification that a Native App exists for that publication (iOS devices only)

Retail (Catalogs and Circulars) features – Rollovers

Supported customization

   Custom/masked publication domain names   Background color and text color of these areas can be customized:   Toolbar   Search Panel   Table of Contents   Toolbar can be completely customized with HTML coding


Thermostats integration *The upgrade to our mobile viewer will instantly be applied to all publications (past/present/future) with no additional requirements from our clients!

 Contact your account representative with any questions you may have related to our new mobile version!