Valued Flip Page clients,

We are happy to announce a revision for our iPad App. The expected release date for these great new enhancements is early April (2012) but we will keep you up to date with our progress. So what are the new enhancements you ask?

1. Slide Show integration - similar to the slide show tool recently released in our desktop version, readers will now be able to access additional content within the publication App in the form of a slide show. This feature is ideal for image driven magazines!

2. Rollover integration - similar to the Rollover Product option in our desktop version. Sticky Rollovers which include product image, product title, product description and pricing. Digital catalogues, circulars, flyers, and inserts can benefit dramatically from Rollover integration via the App.

3. Contextual Menus - An upgrade to our previous in-App menus in which the menu now overlays the page content.

These updates will be made available to any new App and will also be rolled over to existing Apps as a no-cost upgrade option. We will initially make revisions with the iPad App and then continue rolling these upgrades out to our other platform Apps.

Please contact your Account Representative with any questions or if you would like to view a couple screen captures of the enhancements.