Valued Flip Page Customers,

In April of 2012, The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) released an article that outlined a set of voluntary guidelines to help publishers promote advertising on tablet devices. Also released was a set of recommended tablet metrics and data-released time frames.

We are pleased to announce that Flip Page has now included these MPA recommended tablet metrics in our analytics suite.  Each report contains a complete historic account of activity and can be accessed by selecting the Reader Profile tab under each account and selecting the subcategory, MPA-Suggested Tablet Metrics.


MPA Suggested Tablet Metrics included in Thermostats™:


  1. Total Number of Readers: The total number of visits by a visitor who had not previously visited this issue during the calendar month.
  2. Total Number of Sessions: The total number of times a user views any page of an issue for the first time in this session. A session begins on the first page view within a given domain and ends after 4 hours of idle time or when another issue is viewed or when cookies are cleared (or blocked).
  3. Total Amount of Seconds Spent Per Reader:  The average number of seconds spent by a Reader per Session. This metric is calculated by summing the difference in time between two consecutive page views so long as that time does not exceed 1 hour. No time is recorded on the last page viewed because there is no subsequent page to measure against. Consequently, if only one page was viewed in a publication, there will be no time recorded for that view.
  4. Average Number of Sessions Per Reader: The 'Total Number of Sessions' divided by the 'Total Number of Readers.'

A sample screen capture can be found below...

Please contact your account representative for more information.