1. Marketability - A Flip Page catalogue can be pushed through all of the online marketing channels with the potential of reaching billions of online users. Examples include websites, email campaigns and social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. 2. Viral Marketing - Digital catalogues through Flip Page Publishing offer email and social media sharing capabilities providing an opportunity for consumers to push your online catalogue into the hands of more consumers outside your traditional market.

3. E-commerce - our Flip catalogues include customizable hyperlinks which allow you to connect a product image, sku, product code or anything else in the publication to it's ecommerce site or webstore to drive additional online consumer purchases.

4. Product Rollovers - Flip editions can add customizable product rollovers that can be used to link to URL's, provide additional product information, or both. Product rollovers also provide 'shopping cart' and 'wishlist' functionality.

5. Shopping Cart/Wishlist Functionality - Included in the Product Rollovers suite is the ability to select products within the catalogue to be added to the 'Shopping Cart' or 'Wishlist'. Shopping Cart items can be emailed, printed, or shared. Wishlist items are stored on the consumers computer for later retrieval and can be emailed at any point. Both 'Shopping Cart' and 'Wishlist' functions drive in-store sales by providing a simple product to consumer interaction.

6. Embedded Media - Flip Page editions preferably are not an online print reproduction. Flip versions allow for the inclusion of other media such as product videos, TV advertisements, sound tracks, music, YouTube and other hosted videos to provide the consumer with an immersive, interactive experience.

7. Mobile Support - A Flip catalogue can fit in your pocket and travel with you to the far corners of the earth. Flip catalogue versions are optimized for mobile browsing on iOS and Android platforms. Equipped with Search function, active links, thumbnail contents, email share and native swipe and zoom your consumers will find your catalogue wherever they are.

8. Analytics - The success of a Flip edition marketing campaign can easily be detailed by referring to the Flip catalogue analytics. Flip editions are able to track and report consumer engagement data such as visits, page views, URL clicks, media views, and reader demographics by day, week, month, or year in real time.

9. Apps - reach a growing market of App consumers with a custom branded native App.

10. Customization - At Flip Page, we are not trying to promote our brand, we are trying to help you promote yours. Our digital editions include customizable backgrounds, editable link colours, domain masks, customized page tabs, editable tool bars, logo placements, customizable help menus, customizable embed codes, white labelled URL's and more. We can even custom design a toolbar for you or even create a branded portal specifically for your Flip Page editions.

11. GeoPub Management -If your catalogue is segmented by markets, we can help distribute your catalogue to the intended market by placing GeoPub restrictions on the location in which the catalogue can be viewed.

12. Reader Registration - Gathering demographic data about your consumers is not limited to the information provided within the Flip Page analytics suite. Using Flip Page software you are able to create a customizable reader registration where you can gather information about your reader prior to permitting access to your catalogue. Similarly, you can opt to provide a prescribed number of preview pages prior to allowing access.

13. ROI - The inherent cost of a Flip Page edition is not prohibitive which drastically increases the potential for a significant return on investment.