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Automated Email Confirmations get Revised Appearance

Automated Email Confirmations get Revised Appearance

There are a number of instances where our system will send an outbound automated message via email.

For example, each time a new issue of a publication is activated we generate an email with all of the vital details related to that publication including URL's, embeddable code, and links to other information and send it to the default email address for that account.

Update to Analytics Interface

Update to Analytics Interface

Valued clients and partners,

You may have visited the publication analytics recently and noticed things look a little different. Not a "OMG, I need a map to figure out what is going here" different but more of a "Hey, did you guys paint in here or something" different.

Well, you caught us. We have updated the interface to correspond with the changes we have made with the publisher dashboard. The update has not made any changes to the layout so you will still organize and extract data in the exact same manner - it just looks a little cleaner while doing so!

However, for convenience, we have injected the analytics into the main layout of the publisher dashboard so although the analytics will open in a new window or tab you will still have one-click access to all of the other dashboard tools.

If you have any questions regarding these changes please contact your account representative!


App Update - Apple Developer Accounts

Valued Flip Page clients,  An important announcement from us on Apple Developer accounts...   Moving forward, all Apps submitted to Apple will require a client owned developer account. In accordance with Apple developer guidelines, we can no longer submit apps under the Flip Page Publishing developer account to Apple. This change will not affect any existing Apps.   Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.   If you require additional information about this change please contact your account representative.

Policy Revision for Conversions

Valued Flip Page clients,
In order to facilitate a seamless billing/invoicing process we have made a revision to our conversion policy...
Moving forward:
- We request that we are notified through your account representative if there is any concern related the the conversion process or a publication before uploading a revision. For example, an incorrect version being uploaded or an issue that did not meet PDF specifications.
- Please alert your account representative if an issue is to be comped before the last week of the billing period.
- If there are any issues that are uploaded and need to be comped within the last week of the billing period,  notify your account representative of this on the same day.
- The request to comp an issue is handled on a "per case" basis. If an issue is uploaded to the incorrect dashboard or the incorrect file is uploaded a full comp may not be issued. 
Following the above guidelines will ensure that billing/invoice will be accurate and publications are charged accordingly.
Please do not hesitate to contact your account representative with any further questions.