Valued Flip Page clients,
In order to facilitate a seamless billing/invoicing process we have made a revision to our conversion policy...
Moving forward:
- We request that we are notified through your account representative if there is any concern related the the conversion process or a publication before uploading a revision. For example, an incorrect version being uploaded or an issue that did not meet PDF specifications.
- Please alert your account representative if an issue is to be comped before the last week of the billing period.
- If there are any issues that are uploaded and need to be comped within the last week of the billing period,  notify your account representative of this on the same day.
- The request to comp an issue is handled on a "per case" basis. If an issue is uploaded to the incorrect dashboard or the incorrect file is uploaded a full comp may not be issued. 
Following the above guidelines will ensure that billing/invoice will be accurate and publications are charged accordingly.
Please do not hesitate to contact your account representative with any further questions.