Valued Flip Page clients, Our Apps Team has been working diligently to service your apps in Apple's app store. Specifically, we have invested time and energy in 3 initiatives that support your app:

- Preparing for the 3.1 release upgrade - Renewing your push notification licenses with Apple (this is a behind the scenes service we perform for each of your apps annually) - Preparing the app program for iOS6 - Apple's soon-to-be-released system upgrade

In order to fulfill the app upgrade and push notification license renewals, Apple is requiring some additional assets for each app for iPad and iPhone. The required assets are listed below. Please email the assets to by Friday, August 17th. Upgrades to version 3.1 will occur in the order that assets are received. Apps for which we do not have these assets will continue to be offered in App Store, however, the app will no longer support push notifications and will not receive the 3.1 upgrade.

New specifications - Large Application Icon:  - required for all Apple apps. Only one new icon is required if your app publishes to both iPad and iPhone. The specifications for this icon are now 1024x1024 pixels JPEG or PNG. Do not scale up smaller artwork as it will appear pixelated and blurry.

Apple Newsstand Participants(Only):  New Specifications - Default Cover Art The specifications for this icon are now at least 1024 pixels on its longest side. See below for complete details.

Asset requirements : PNG Format A reasonable facsimile of the cover without representing a specific issue or App icons in use. Asset Size: 1024 pixels or greater on its longest side (iPhone, iPad) Aspect Ratio: Between 1:2 and 2:1

For additional information contact your sales representative!