Throughout the first couple months of 2016 we had received reports of paranormal activity within our client dashboards. The typical frantic call would describe apparitions, which we later identified as 'ghost editions', appearing within the client dashboard after the conversion of a project.

Flip Page user KDS was able to capture rare footage of a ghost edition in action. Haunting.

Ghost editions would render in the form of a thumbnail within the dashboard but lacked the physical component - an almost spirit-like representation of a normal conversion.

Although the Poltergeists did not have any impact on the performance or stability of our client dashboards we began the process of unearthing their 'raison d'être'. After multiple paranormal expert visits, séances, and a session with renowned spiritual medium Tangina Barrons we were unable to determine an insertion point.

Luckily, a member of our development team was reminded of a song from the past that reads something like 'When there is something strange,  in your dashboard hood, who you gonna call?'

The ghost-edition busters arrived wIth proton packs and containment systems in tow. They were able to eliminate the paranormal forces that had infiltrated our system. We are pleased to announce that there have been no recent ghost editions reported. We will continue to monitor our systems for anything out-of-the-ordinary.

A special thanks to Egon, Ray, Peter and Winston for this assistance with this matter.