Flip Page editions provide an opportunity for publishers to reach an expanded audience via digital access and distribution. Flip Page editions also provide a comprehensive set of analytics which allows a marketer to gain insight into the mind of the reader.

With that in mind there is plenty of support for municipalities to further engage their population with recreational guides in Flip Page digital format.

The difficulty for any marketer, including a municipality, is being able to reach the entire populous while remaining cost-effective. With the increasing cost of distribution, and depleting budgets, it is not feasible for larger city centres to deliver printed copies to all residents. Flip Page editions integrate easily into websites, email campaigns, and social media efforts. Simple, user-friendly tools allow residents to further distribute and share the digital guide to neighbours and local family and friends.

Flip Page digital recreation guides can be delivered to desktop and mobile via a browser experience or to mobile readers via a native App.

Flip Page digital recreation guides can be delivered to desktop and mobile via a browser experience or to mobile readers via a native App.

"reach the entire populous while remaining cost-effective".

That said, Flip Page digital leisure guides offer more than effective reach at a nominal fee.

A number of municipal clients have been using our solution for years. Initially, those clients opted for what could be described as a ‘basic’ solution. In many cases there was very little interactivity aside from an occasional website or email link to the various advertisers within the guide. From our perspective that's a missed opportunity. A Flip Page guide must offer value-added tools such as external links to an advertiser website (tracked with our analytics suite) or a detailed dropdown listing of advertisers for easy navigation.

However, as time progressed, the demand for more interactive tools arose. Our leisure guide clients asked to have introductory videos featuring their mayor appear within paginated content and embedded videos which captured snippets of a specific program in action.

 Eventually municipalities began altering their program registration from telephone to the web. This transition offered another opportunity to connect the digital leisure guide to the online registration system for each city. As a result a number of our digital leisure guides contain hundreds or thousands of links from the digital guide to the registration page for a specific program. Not only does the Flip Page guide make it very simple for a resident to access details related to the various programs available but now it is much easier to proceed to registration as well. Citizens are able to find the programs or courses they want and register quickly.


The interactive nature of a digital leisure guide easily transitions into a native App as well. Native Apps provide online and offline capabilities so users do not have to be 'connected' in order to see what programs and activities are available in their municipality. The convenience of a native App can't be understated since it travels with each resident on their mobile device.

Flip Page reader interaction is captured by a comprehensive analytics suite.

Flip Page reader interaction is captured by a comprehensive analytics suite.

Flip Page digital guides provide an opportunity for municipalities to leverage existing content into their digital guides. The enhanced page content (links, audio and video) offer a more dynamic interaction for residents.  All of this interaction is captured within our analytics suite.

Analytics data such as link tracking allows a municipality to determine interest levels in certain programs. For example, a program that received heavy clickage within the digital guide may suggest a need for additional programming. On the other hand, a program that received very little click-through might suggest a lack of interest. Municipalities can use this information to make decisions regarding future programming. Link tracking also adds significant value to in-guide advertisers.

"data can be gleaned from the digital guide to help determine engagement levels".

Additional data can be gleaned from the digital guide to help determine engagement levels. As an example, a report can be generated which shows how much interactivity occurred at the page level. If certain pages receive less views, shorter engagement times, less clicks, less zooms etc a plan of action can be made to improve the experience delivered on those pages.

"guides produced using our software are certified to meet accessibility standards"

We often boast that our digital activity or leisure guides allow for deeper saturation based on how they can be distributed. But it isn't just how they are distributed that allows them to reach the larger community - it is also how they are created. One of the greatest benefits of digital guides produced with our software is their compliance with WCAG 2.0 standards. In a nutshell it means that our software, and guides produced using our software, are certified to meet accessibility standards that have been imposed by government legislation. This includes users with visual or other physical impairments. More information regarding our compliancy is available here. The decision to convert to Flip Page format is much easier knowing that the final result  a) meets standards expected of the public sector and b) is inclusive to a greater portion of the community.

In days gone by it was not uncommon for a leisure guide to arrive at the door enveloped by the local paper. However, budget constraints, consumer habits and expectations are changing the landscape of distribution. Flip Page recreational guides offer another way to reach and engage residents.

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