Flip Page Publishing’s digital solutions offer unique opportunities for the retail sector to connect with digital consumers by leveraging print products such as catalogues, flyers and recreational guides. Retail Flip Page editions offer the familiar layout of print but distinguish themselves with a plethora of digital enhancements. A retail  Flip Page edition is accessible 24/7, can be shared to social networks in seconds, allows a marketer to gain impactful details about consumer interaction and features the ability to build virtual shopping lists to drive conversions at brick-and-mortar locations.

Earlier this year (see blog post) we revisited our rollover tool for retail publications. The update to this feature included the ability to specify an item or product quantity.  We also hinted that the implementation of the rollover quantity was a precursor to another rollover feature to be launched in the near future.

The future is now. Flip Page Publishing is pleased to announce our new featured product ‘Unify’. Unify bridges the gap between the digital retail publication and e-commerce website. How? Products or items that are collected in the virtual shopping list can now be bundled and passed directly into the e-commerce shopping cart for purchase. The goal of Unify is to expedite the online sales process which will deliver more conversions and coincidentally more revenue. 

Interested in uniting your marketing and sales processes with Unify? Contact us!