Flip Page Publishing offers a number of different service levels dependent on our clients available resources. Some of our clients are using our Flip Page edition software on a daily basis which lends them to being 'Self service' users. Other clients use our software quarterly. In those cases we usually suggest a 'Full service' plan as that allows the client to focus on their core strength (and also means they don't forget what they learned 3 months ago!)

Here are some brief descriptions of the service levels we offer for producing Flip Page editions:

1. Self service - After a brief training session 'Self service' users are provided with their own unique login to the Flip Page dashboard to produce Flip Page editions on their own behalf. It is the equivalent to DIY publishing. Self service users are provided with virtually the same toolbelt as any 'Full service' client. Self service users are responsible for preparing the PDF file, uploading, and customizing the Flip Page edition.

Full service clients provide Flip Page with the file and Flip Page is responsible for the file preparation, uploading and customization of the Flip Page edition. We have divided our Full Service levels into 3 branches in order to distinguish the varying requirements for different publications.

2. Full service (Standard Package) - The Standard package, is not limited to, but includes;

  • desktop/mobile supported Flip Page edition
  • customized branding (logos, colours, background, URL)
  • online access to statistics/reporting
  • linking of all text based URL's and email addresses
  • print, download, and share Flip Page edition
  • hosting

3. Full service (Publisher Package) - The Publisher package includes all of the feature listed in Standard package as well as;

  • contents menu setup
  • advertiser menu setup
  • article links
  • margin ads
  • multi-media insertion

4. Full service (Retail Package) - The retail package is a unique set of tools specifically for retail publications such as flyers, circulars, and catalogues. A retail package may include;

  • linking of SKU's or product image to product page
  • integrated shopping or wish 'lists'
  • product rollovers with SKU links
  • wishlist export to shopping cart

These packages are intended to provide a framework concept of what features are available. Certain Full service projects will require a unique combination of tools and in those cases we will provide a quotation for the entire project.