Digital content conversion, delivery & analysis

Convert your printed materials to interactive, digital media - then use this media to increase clients and readership.  From small businesses to large corporations, go further with Flip Page digital media tools:

digital editions  --  native apps  --  subscription management  --  content delivery  --  analytics 

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Convert, publish & share your printed materials electronically

Create a digital edition of your printed materials to add to your marketing campaign.  Make it a perfect reproduction of your printed materials or add rich features to make the information more powerful than ever before:

Video  -  image galleries  -  sounds  -  animation  -  surveys  -  forms  -  unique advertising opportunities  -  specialty pages  -  reply forms  -  product "rollovers"  -  links to articles  -  special navigation tools and more

Reach more customers, online or offline, on any computer/ phone/ tablet, and excite them about connecting with you!


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Deliver content directly & seamlessly to your mobile readers

Worried about your emails being overlooked in a cluttered inbox?  Apps are an easy, brandable location for delivering digital content straight to your readers - free of clutter and distractions.

Work with Flip Page to develop an app that your customers can download to any Apple, Android or Kindle device.  Use a number of tools to further engage your readers, including:

  • Downloadable editions for offline viewing
  • Available ad space when the app initially opens
  • Internet search & interactivity without leaving the app
  • Push notifications sent to readers the moment new content is available

For a complete listing of all app features contact us!

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Do you want to:

  • distribute content to exclusive lists?

  • create login-based access to your content?  

  • generate revenue from paid subscribers?

  • request additional reader data before sharing content?  

Flip Page has a solution. 

Not all content is for all eyes - nor should it be available for free.  Control when, how and by whom your content is consumed with Flip Page subscription management tools.  Enable your readers to purchase from you quickly. Process transactions easily courtesy of our Flip Page solutions.

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Get your material noticed with a distribution campaign

Flip Page not only helps you create a digital version of your print materials - we help you get it "out there" too.

Creating a digital edition of print media is simple. The next challenge is to connect that content to an audience. Flip Page Publishing can help you distribute your content via outgoing email campaigns or social media channels!

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Discover how readers interact with your content

The built-in Flip Page analytics tools give you data for making important marketing decisions.  If you find yourself asking any of the following questions Flip Page has the solution for you:

  • How much time do my readers spend on my content?
  • How much time on particular subjects/articles/authors?
  • How many are new vs. returning readers?
  • How much attention do they give to my interactive features?
  • How many impressions are my advertisers getting?
  • What is the CTR or conversion rate for my advertisers?
  • Where are my readers located, geographically?
  • How do readers find us?

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