Selling ads in a printed publication is absolutely vital to the success of the publication. It is famously understood that a publication cannot survive on subscribers alone. And, to an extent, the same should be said for the digital version. If ad sales are the engine that keeps the print mobile running, digital ad revenues should be the aftermarket ‘turbo chargers’ that whip you through the finish line.

But all too often digital ads fall flat, scratching to reach the finish line, without using the aftermarket tools readily at their disposal.

Use these suggestions as a spark plug to ignite your ad fuel and blow by the competition.

  1. Introduction Pages – An Introduction Page (to the left of cover or right of back cover) is a great placement location for an advertiser in a Flip Page edition. Since the Intro Page can be as large dimensionally as the publication it acts as a full page ad on the landing page of the actual publication. This is where the highest percentage of trackable page views will occur and should be considered prime real estate.
  2. Margin Advertisements – Margin advertisements offer individualized ad placements with hyperlinking capabilities within the viewing window of your publication. These are an excellent means of upselling an ad to a current print advertiser or selling an ad to a ‘digital only’ advertiser.
  3. Advertiser Index – The Advertiser Index is a dropdown list of advertisers integrated as an icon into the tool bar of the Flip Page edition. The Advertiser Index provides the name of the Advertiser as well as an internal link to the ad page within the Flip Page edition which provides immediate exposure of the advertiser to their audience. The Advertiser Index can be provided as an upsell to existing advertisers within the publication.
  4. Custom Animated Ads – Ads can be more than a static image on a ‘browser page’. Using our custom design services we can create an interactive enhanced ad with the images and content within the print version.
  5. Multimedia Ads – Flip Page editions provide the ability to build both Audio and Video into a publication page. Use this functionality as an upsell to your advertisers to compliment their print content with a TV ad, product spotlight video, radio spot, etc.
  6. Custom Page Naming – Flip Page editions provide the ability to customize the name of a page as it appears in the middle of the toolbar. This is a great opportunity to add value to a client on a full page ad within the Flip Page edition.
  7. Advertiser Tabs – The page tabs feature allows the Flip Page edition creator to add a page tab that appears on the left edge of the right side page. The page tab internally links the reader from the current page to the tabbed page. The name of the tab is customizable which also makes for a great value add that can be provided to an advertiser to help drive traffic specifically to their ad.
  8. Call Back Cards – a Call Back Card is a customizable form that is supplanted into the Flip Page edition. A Call Back Card can be added within an advertising placement to encourage direct interaction between the advertiser and reader without leaving the Flip Page edition.
  9. Direct or Hard Linking – Typically a Flip Page edition opens to the front cover of the publication. Using the Direct or Hard Link option allows you to determine the page which opens when the link is clicked. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight an advertiser within a publication.
  10. Publication Analytics – Flip Page editions offer a full suite of analytical data that can be reported to the advertiser. Data such as Total/Unique visits, URL clicks, Video/Audio plays, Reply/Call Back card interaction, Total/Unique page views, as well as demographic information about readers can be reported to advertisers.
  11. Specialty Pages – Specialty pages such as blow ins, gatefolds, barn doors, and belly bands create unique opportunities to highlight a specific advertiser within a Flip Page edition. Since the page cost of a Flip Page edition is incredibly economical, allow your client to position their ad in a 3 page gatefold spread rather than a single page full ad.