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New Feature - 'Switchboard'

New Feature - 'Switchboard'

Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone was groundbreaking. The early devices,  although great, were only able to connect between a single start and end point. The switchboard changed that interaction entirely. It allowed users to connect from a start point to multiple end points.

Inspired by our *local hero Flip Page has added a unique tool for Flip Page readers to contact multiple end points. It is now possible to build a ‘switchboard’ link in a Flip Page edition which when tapped will dial the appropriate phone number.

From an application standpoint this new tool will allow a Flip Page reader to connect with the publisher, advertisers, customer service, ordering departments etc. with a single tap on their smartphone.

This new feature is only supported on the HTML5 viewer due to its phone-based nature. Need more information? Call us 519-756-3547

*Alexander Graham Bell completed the first telephone call in Brantford, Ontario.