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Firefox 32 Bug in Windows 7

Our valued clients,

We recently discovered that there is a bug in the Windows 7 version of Firefox 32 (initially released in September 2014) that randomly prevents that browser from successfully downloading required Flash page assets.  This bug may affect publishers who have selected to display content using our Flash viewer.
In order to ensure that pages are visible for affected users, when our application detects Firefox 32 on Windows 7 systems it is now redirecting issues set to use Flash to our HTML 5 viewer.  It is our understanding that Firefox will be releasing a new version 33 on October 15, 2014 that will fix this bug.  For unaffected versions (31 and previous and 33 and later), the Flash viewer will still display.

If you are using the Firefox browser on a Windows system and would like to update your browser manually you can follow the steps outlined here. Otherwise, your system should update to version 33 automatically assuming the update option has been left as default.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the Firefox 32 flash bug or our solution for your readers, please contact your customer service representative.