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Fulfilling Full Service

Constant connectivity, endless to-do lists, and minute-by-minute planning (as opposed to hour-by-hour) puts an enormous amount of pressure on publishers, marketers, content curators and so on to produce quality efficiently. Automation has not generated the ample free time as it was expected. It has helped reduce the number of resources required for production but has not lessened the burden of time.

It is evident, when viewing digital editions across a number of platforms, that in many cases the final product falls flat. Let's define 'falls flat'. When we say 'falls flat' we are not referring to a digital publication that over-saturates the pages with multi-media such as video, audio or image galleries. We are simply referring to a website URL not being linked within an advertiser's ad space. This is a lost opportunity for both the publication and for the advertiser.

In discussions with other similar technology vendors we often resolve to a similar thought - the tools and features available are disproportionately underutilized. But is that really a surprise based on the opening paragraph? Time is of the essence. There is no time to read the email where the tool is introduced, learn about benefits of the tool, learn how to implement the tool and then to actually implement the tool into the digital edition. We get it.

And it is not uncommon to find out that a Flip Page edition is being circulated through one channel - a website. A website that has failed to generate recurring traffic due to it's static nature. No fresh content, no outgoing emails, no social media interaction, no digital advertising and essentially no chance for success. All of those things take time. Time is of the essence. We get it.

That is why Flip Page Publishing has expanded our solution set. With our extensive knowledge and experience we can help lessen the burden of time. Instead of missing opportunities with your Flip Page editions let us handle them entirely. We'll consult with you to maximize return. We'll help you generate a new audience. We'll help you communicate with your existing audience. We'll prolong the interaction between your audience and your brand. Time is of the essence. We get it.

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Brand New Look for our Website

Brand New Look for our Website

If you had visited our digital hub prior to August you will likely have noticed that there is a a different look and feel to our website now.

All of the information as it relates to us is still there but hopefully it is presented in a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing manner. We spent many hours choosing and creating images and selecting words that we thought best represented our business and culture.

If you have visited this space previously you will also notice that we have expanded our tool belts. We have always worked closely with clients assisting them to get more out of their print media. We have now expanded our role to help our clients distribute or circulate their Flip Page properties for maximum exposure and ROI. If you would like to learn more about how we can help just contact us!

A special thank-you to all those involved in getting our new site off the ground!