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Why Apple News+ is Destined to Fail Publishers

Why Apple News+ is Destined to Fail Publishers

Full transparency – I am an Apple supporter. From iPods to iPads to iMac to iTunes I have never been displeased.

That likely explains why it feels so strange to harbor such pessimism toward their newest publishing offering which will be announced today. Maybe less strange based on the uninspiring history of the previous platform which Apple had contrived to revolutionize the publishing industry.

App Update - Apple Developer Accounts

Valued Flip Page clients,  An important announcement from us on Apple Developer accounts...   Moving forward, all Apps submitted to Apple will require a client owned developer account. In accordance with Apple developer guidelines, we can no longer submit apps under the Flip Page Publishing developer account to Apple. This change will not affect any existing Apps.   Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.   If you require additional information about this change please contact your account representative.