LiLy - an acronym for 'Legible Intelligent Layout'

Publishers have expectations. They want engaging content and interaction. They want a responsive reading experience. They want simple workflows and increased reach.

That’s where LiLy delivers.

At first glance LiLy might seem like an upgraded version of our Text Article tool which allowed publishers to deliver a text-based version of articles for better legibility.

LiLy presentation on iPad - a content publishing breakthrough.

LiLy presentation on iPad - a content publishing breakthrough.

That’s true. Kind of.

 LiLy provides publishers with the ability to create engaging article content through a variety of enhancements such as text formatting, image embedding, and URL hyperlinking. Enhanced articles via LiLy provide an easy to consume, scrollable format intended to increase engagement levels. The articles are responsive and adapt to the device. They are easily shared.

There’s more.

Once an enhanced LiLy article has been created it becomes a piece of a larger pie. LiLy articles are fed into a content hub which divides and displays articles by issue.  Readers can navigate, view and consume all of the article content from a single location.  All of this while still maintaining the characteristics you have come to appreciate with your current Flip Page editions.

Getting to Know LiLy

Q – Is LiLy available on all viewers?

A- Enhanced article content is available in both Flash and HTML5 viewers. However, the complete LiLy platform is only available on our HTML5 viewer as it is intended for desktop and mobile readers. Expect updates to our Native App solutions in the future.

Q – How does LiLy affect my publication?

A – All clients have immediate access to the LiLy platform. Your article content will now display in this manner in the HTML5 viewer. Existing articles can be updated to include additional images or links if desired.

Q – What kind of customization is available with LiLy?

A – LiLy enhanced articles include text formatting, image embedding, URL hyperlinking, numbered or bulleted lists and content sections.

Q – Is there an extra cost for access to LiLy?

A – LiLy is available to all of our self-service clients at no additional cost. There are additional costs to have enhanced articles created via a full service solution. Please consult with your account representative for details.

Have more questions? Contact your account representative for details!