We often ‘put the blinders on’ as digital publishers. Too easily we associate and assume that a Flip Page ‘digital’ edition is a cloud hosted solution accessed via a browser. In many cases that is true. However, there are instances where it becomes necessary to remove the ‘connectedness’ aspect of the Flip Page edition.


      Recently one of our magazine clients contacted us asking if it was possible for them to have an offline edition of their magazine produced. After some back and forth it was determined that they were going to be attending a conference on the opposite side of the continent. As an exhibitor our client wanted to provide attendees and potential business prospects/partners with a visual demonstration of their print and digital products. The obvious benefit of the print product is that as long as those samples survived the flight they would be available for distribution. With regards to the digital product there were concerns – namely reliable power supply and sufficient bandwidth to maintain a connection to the network. For anyone who has exhibited at a conference or show these are very legitimate concerns.


      So, rather than relying on potentially unstable networks they opted to have an offline edition produced which could be pre-installed on their laptop. The offline edition would allow them to show the functionality and interactivity of their Flip Page edition without the constraints of ‘connectivity’. It would also allow them to showcase the web-dependent tools such as external links if the ‘internet gods’ abided. Within a short time the offline edition was prepared and sent for download. They are now ‘off to the races’.