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The Quest for Sea-worthy Scrolls

Not long ago I had taken upon shore to parle with the chowder-headed lubbers at Flip Page. They recognized me as an able seaman who responded when called 'Long John Silver'. Me vessel had been adrift for many a day and I was blethering aplenty (likely due to the abundance of grog) about me inability to 'oblige the scrolls on my talkin box'. Their land-lubbing nature was not immediately akin to me request.

"Am I speaking Double Dutch to yas" I bellowed.

I pulled out a thin, reflective piece from my ditty bag of loot. They was satisfied to see it wasn't a long scabbard aimed at their throats. It was, as I had spoken, a 'talkin' box'. I scuttled closer, weaving as I walked, as me legs were still of the sea.

"It doesn't unfurl on here as it should. It's ramshackle!" I stammered.

They took a small step forward, as if they was on the edge of the plank, and peered down. I was, in my most obliging manner, awaring them that their scrolls was not configured for sea. Their crew circled as though blowing the gaff and I clasped my cutlass in case of a mutiny.

"Aye" they pronounced and bobbed their noggins as if in agree-ance. - assurin' me of me request. Days gone by and I was beginnin' to feel marooned. I was readyin' the noose for the first codger to set sight on my eyes.

"Ahoy, Silver" I heard from afar. "Yer scrolls is complete" they boasted.

I placed me 'talkin box' atop the hogshead and verified their tale. "Aargh" I exclaimed. "There will be no need for the hempen harness today, my boys" I trumpeted to me crew. I set me sights on me coxswain and shouted "Anchors a-weigh" as we hoisted the Jolly Roger. I pulled the final drops out of the bottle of rum and passed it down my gullet and as I did I began to sing a familiar tune "Yo ho, ho ho"...

- Long John Silver (excerpt from September 19 aka 'Talk like a Pirate Day')