NL West

5. Colorado Rockies – Even Tulo and CarGo can’t atone for the mess that the Rockies starters have put forward at this point in the season. Current starters are putting up a paltry team ERA equal in value to an Arian Foster TD scramble. Ageless contributors such as Helton and Scutaro need to be moved before their value R.I.M.’s out.

4. San Diego Padres – Never a good sign when the ERA of your starters who spend half their time pitching in PETCO closely resembles the starting ERA of starters who spend half their time in Coors Field. There is some promise in some of the younger positional players but the gaps in their lineup are as cavernous as their home ballpark.

3. Arizona Diamondbacks – a couple of years away from making a real impact in the West with some solid pitching in the minors, the D’backs have some holes to fill in the middle infield (Drew’s return should help).

2. Los Angeles Dodgers – an unheralded back of the rotation has been stellar, bullpen is solid, and if Kemp can regain or maintain health their lead in the West should take a while to be overtaken.

1. San Francisco Giants – Lincecum is currently weakest starter, bullpen is strong, positionally sound and although they lack a bonafide superstar they will finish atop the West.

AL West

4. Seattle Mariners – A couple decades have passed since the heydays of Griffey Jr. and Edgar Martinez. There is lots of hope on the horizon as Seattle has some great young talent on their roster and has ample available on the farm as well. Not going to contend in 2012 however.

3. Oakland A’s – Lowest payroll in the league makes for a good big screen story but does not make for consecutive years of success in MLB. Great scouting and talent finding just not able to afford it come pay day.

2. Los Angeles Angels – This is a two horse race and looks to be for years to come. The Angels brought in two of baseball’s prized free agents and although they started slow they have been lead recently be a rookie phenom. Will make a good run for the division crown, which will endure until the final couple of regular season games, but will suffer as a result of the poor start.

1. Texas Rangers – Not a surprise they have made 2 straight World Series appearances. Best group of bats one through to nine in baseball. And although they will reign victorious in the AL West a third straight trip to the final days of October will be daunting.