4 simple steps to converting your materials


Want to do it yourself?  Great - it's very intuitive & we provide all the training you need.

Want us to do it for you?  No problem - just let us know what you need.



Define: what do you want to convert?

Flip Page makes it easy to convert retail flyers, circulars, catalogues, magazines, newspapers and brochures.  What printed materials would you like more people to see, read, enjoy and form opinions about?

Determine: what do you want to accomplish?

Clearly define your marketing goals and then select the features below to meet these goals - encouraging readers to experience, understand and talk/share like never before!

  • Enhance their experience: Attach several photos, sounds or a video: enable customers to see and hear before they buy.
  • Share more info: Don't lose customers due to lack of information… use "rollovers" to share additional information about your products and services.  Include sale pricing, SKU or product numbers, or links to more information such as specification sheets, manuals and more!
  • Encourage more purchases: As soon as customers want your service or product, enable them to schedule or purchase it with a link to your online store.
  • Motivate returning customers: Create a "wish list" feature so your readers can return to purchase from you at a later date, or take that list directly to a brick-and-mortar location
  • Establish a dedicated readership: Limit the visibility of your content to a preferred list of readers, association members, paid subscribers, or internal staff.
  • Learn more: Ask your readers' feedback via an online poll or questionnaire
  • Increase revenues: Take advantage of the multitude of advertising opportunities in a Flip Page edition. Profit from the sale of Flip Page versions bundled with print or offered as a stand-alone product.

Convert: put your print materials online

This is it!  Time to convert. We make it easy with a friendly, simple training seminar that ensures you're comfortable with the tools at your disposal.

Don’t have time or the inclination to do it yourself?  No problem. We're happy to handle the process, from start to finish, on your behalf.

Flip Page is available - via chat, with email, or over the phone, so you can access any help you need when you need it.

Analyze: your performance and ROI

The key to marketing is analysis: understanding how your audience responds to your time and financial investments.   Flip Page makes this easy with live feedback which helps you answer questions like these:

  • Who on my mailing list actually reads my publication?
  • Where are they geographically located?
  • Do they read it on their computer, tablet or phone?
  • How much time do they spend on a page?
  • What percentage of my readers are new versus returning?
  • Is my audience using the various features that I offer?
  • Do readers click through to my advertisers' websites for more information?

All of these questions can be answered based on the data that is captured with each Flip Page edition.

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